Yorick rework idea

Since people are so insistent on Yorick getting a rework, I thought I might as well come up with my own idea for it..... enjoy. I took off the resource of mana that Yorick currently has and replaced it with a soul bar, counting the amount of souls he has which can be obtained through basic attacks on minions, monsters and champions. This is not OP as he first needs to basic attack to get the souls, he still relies on cooldowns, can only use 1 soul per 1 ability and there is a 1 second cooldown on the ability (atleast 1 auto attack) **Q:** Yoricks' next basic attack will reset his attack timer, deal bonus damage and summon a spectral ghoul which moves quicker and grants Yorick bonus movement speed (same as before). This ability has a passive where basic attacks give Yorick a soul. He expends one soul per normal ability cast with a maximum of 5/6/7/8 souls (increasing in ultimate rank). This ability is the only one he has access to at rank 1. **W:** Yorick summons a decaying ghoul in an explosion at a target area, damaging and slowing enemies hit and continually slowing enemies around the ghoul. This ghoul does not do damage, but the slow is heavy and it can block skill shots. **E:** Yorick summons a ravenous ghoul on a target enemy minion, monster or champion, siphoning health initially and every time the ghoul attack and enemy (prioritizes champions) The ghoul deals 5% more damage to enemies under 20% health and restores 5% more. **R:** Yorick decays the area around him dealing 2% of his maximum health per second for 5 seconds, granting him increased attack damage and ability power for the duration. A mark is also placed on an ally champion that has the highest Attack Damage, conjuring a revenant of that ally (will place the mark on Yorick if there is no ally nearby). If the ally dies, the revenant will sacrifice itself to give them a chance for revenge. The reanimated ally gains 50% of all stats but uses no mana or energy. Passively this ability allows Yorick to store an extra ghoul for each rank. Personally I like the way Yorick is, but whatever {{champion:83}}
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