What's your ranked story this season? Where did you start and where did you end up?

PRESEASON FINALLY HIT, QUEUES ARE LOCKED. It's time to evaluate your accomplishments this year! So what was your end rank last season and begin rank this season, and where did you end up? Last season I ended up in gold 5 with about 100 soloqueue games. This season I started off in Silver 4 after some rough promo games (3W7L) and set my goal to reach Platinum 5 at least,since I felt I was able to climb fast. I gave up on maining {{champion:77}} halfway through the season because I felt he was too weak and too easily shutdown. So I picked up reworked {{champion:19}} for jungle, {{champion:58}} for top and {{champion:105}} mid. Jungle first and Top second, with mid second if I got bored of top. After 153 soloqueue games (86W67L) I finally hit Platinum 5 yesterday, after a huge losing spree in Gold 1 that almost set me back to Gold 2. The goal for next season is at least Platinum 1. So what's your story? {{sticker:galio-happy}} PS. I thought this would best fit in the "gameplay" part of this sub board, but maybe it's more "offtopic".
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