Soraka still obnoxious to play against!

For the love of god, can we make Riot revert Grievous Wounds change? This is definitely one of the worst things that happened this Pre-Season, alongside Stealth Ward removal and Trinket changes. I always ban her, but when you have teammate that decides to ban something else, you just want to cry. I don't care that Mundo is strong, at least I can counter his healing, but even if you Ignite all 5 enemies, Soraka will still heal them for the full amount, and there's no counter play to that. Yes, she's nerfed a bit, but It's not enough, I found her over the edge during late Season 5 as well, and I know It's not just me. I just played Thresh against her (bot premade, I won the game), and there was nothing we could do without ganks, even though I hit 3-4 hooks during the laning phase, and we burst down their ADC to 200 health, there's no way to do anything with it, besides dying because of Soraka's heals. Yes, we were supposed to focus her, but she can sit back, heal her allies and enjoy the game in the back line while being tanky in case somebody decides to focus her first. {{champion:16}} {{summoner:11}}
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