Assassin rework vs Support rework

I know assassins are annoying and all but don't you think a support rework is needed right now in league. The queue times are long because no one wants to be a support. I am a support main but when I play support in this season I am so bored out of my mind so now I queue as other roles. I never have gold to buy anything fun. Make a support rework so people will actually be interested in playing it. Supports didn't really get a big change in preseason, except for the gold income nerfs. It has gotten stale and some champions keep appearing to be problematic or just extremely weak. I think a few champions need changes, I realise Sona and Leona are being changed right now but we need to change more. {{champion:16}} (we all know why xD) {{champion:53}} (very linear, and always a problem) {{champion:40}} (always causing problems and has been the same since release, time for a mix up) {{champion:223}} (never seen.) {{champion:26}} (He's ok, but rarely seen and gets a bit boring) {{champion:12}} (outdated kit) What do you guys think?
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