Mages Love

i wanna talk about mages that has been forgotten by riot and clearly need some love Karthus is a great example he is that great niche champ not many care about but back when the rylais rush was so famous especially on spamm champs Karthus wall got a slow reduction a champ that has an ultimate that can be countered so easily thx to champion abilitys and items need atleast a few strength in his Kit. Swain Yes our lovely old Demon Bird Overlord could use some love too . back before he even was Reworked his Nevermove got a root duration nerf that was hurting him. an ability where you can just walk out when its starting to get casted needs to have it benefits so getting that 2 sec root on the first lvl back would be grate and honestly his new ultimate is "stronger" in healing and dmg when you are in minions but the rule that you cannot strike a target a second time is just painfull in a 1v1 or even a longer 1v2. and then giving it an cd of 20 seconds is rlly nasty for that what it provides outside of bigger fights. I personally loved that Demon bird Morphing with basically no cd
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