Aatrox rework is bad

Now before you all start throwing "oh you're just hating, you're just mad at change and you're being sentimental" and all that stuff, i loved every single rework so far, RIOT is doing a great job at delivering good stuff, the new champs i love 'em, even if i don't play them i still welcome them aboard. But this particular rework, i have no clue what they are trying to do. I know when they rework a champion in such scale they want to go back to the roots, what is this champ anyway? Who is it? What's the thing that makes him click? I'll say briefly that i won't be saying anything about this kit, that kit looks badass and is the only thing i'm liking about it. So for me, or at least how Aatrox has been represented, in every way possible, he wins wars, he is there to show up at a lost battle, almost lost he shows up to turn the tables and completely wrecks the winning party. He is often depicted like a saint (i.e. his justicar skin) since he showed up and basically one their war for them. Of course he is also depicted as a demon, since the losing party shat their pants just seeing him. Wielding his living blade and cutting through enemies, drawing power from his defeated foes. From his quotes, his pick quote mainly, suggests that he sees war as an art, he is very much like Jhin, he sees beauty in massacre, Jhin finds it in death itself, the act of kill, but Aatrox demands a total massacre, that's why he shows up at wars, lots of peeps await. So from the get go, his voice is ominous, gritty and sounds like he's been through alot but doesn't seem to stop at all a force not to be reckoned with. He is a very much serious and EDGY champion. His design has a little bit of hint at some war themes, mainly his wings, they remind me of torn banners. Now the new Aatrox... i don't see anything in there, i have to say i'm not a fan of the new blade design, it looks very VERY basic, what was wrong with the old one? It looked so much apart from the other ones, now it looks like nightmare tryndamere got an HD update and gave the sword to Aatrox. But i could tolerate the design, i mean this is where the change can be seen as bad at first, but you get used to it. But the biggest offender is his voice. I don't have nothing against the voice actor himself, he seems to doing pretty good job of whatever he was told, but i have a problem with the choice itself. Why did you hire a voice actor of Doofenshmirtz and put him through a demon voice changer? Just why, in what world does that ANYHOW resemble Aatrox? I tried to be less cynical and thought, maybe they want to stirr away from the serious gritty and edgy tone and want him to be a cocky and a mocking type of character, i'm all for it, that would certainly fit, he has all the reasons to be like that, i mean the voice lines themselves are not bad actually, i like them, just the voice is so off and goofy. Can someone explain to me how does it fit?

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