So what exactly is PBE for?

My initial tought is that pbe is for testing and finding bugs but its appearantly only so that youtubers can milk videos out of it. The hilarious part of that being that some of them make video like "insane bug, abuse it while you can on pbe" oh yeah sure, while you can in riots numbers means several years cuz hey, official release just dropped and.... oh its that bug that was there on PBE too in that youtubers video..... mhm, nice (cowsep meditate bug btw cough cough) Almost every summoners rift game i encounter absolutely laughable ammount of bugs, and not small ones, im talking issues that are in the game for years, broken pathing, broken minion AI, insane ammounts of hitbox, damage calculation, champs with lees movement speed outrunning champs with more movement speed. Then you go to TFT and every game someone loses to "his champ standing still with full mana, not moving or doing anything" just you know, bugged in place, common bug ni TFT season 1, much more common in TFT season 2 now. Im not saying programing is easy but for a multibilion company to have trilions of bugs and glitches some of them being years old (summoner rift) is kinda.... laughable at this point. With Companies like grinding gear games who have 100 employees instead of 2500, you find one bug here and there if you are unlucky and you can still see it being fixed in the next patch a couple days to it. Like what, are we out of good programators in the world??? in this era where every third person knows computers and stuff like that left and right....
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