Champion Idea

Name:Sonji the Corrupted Role:Spellcaster Auto Attack:Sonji shoots a Dark laser beam out of his hand Passive:When Sonji dies you control his body for 5 seconds when 5 seconds are up his body explodes(like kog mow I know big copy) and deals magic damage (can damage towers)but it also corrupts them dealing rapid damage (like ignite) has a 4 minute cooldown Q:Sonji throws a Dark Orb that when it hits an enemy it does rapid damage like ignite for 2 seconds. If it doesn't hit an enemy then after 3 seconds it explodes dealing damage to nearby enemies (only magic damage). W:Sonji creates a shield(for example like Garens W) (he can put on himself, allies, minions) when it runs out it explodes dealing magic damage to nearby enemies it also stuns them. E:Sonji summons 2 minions (like malzahar) that run to the enemies and root them. R:Sonji creates a line of fire coming out of the earth (dealing fire damage like ignite) (airbornes enemies) (does magic damage) I know my idea is bad but I wanted to see what the rest of the community thinks of my awful idea. Thank for checking out this discussion. It has been edited
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