To laners

- If you lose your lane, it is not your jungler's fault. Especially if you lose 1 v 1. Play more games with your champ and learn the matchup better. - Don't flame or troll when the jungler lasthits a few minions when you are not in your lane. Would you rather have 150-200g go to waste? - If your jungler doesn't gank your lane, that doesn't mean he's useless. He may be ganking another lane, taking enemy jungle camps or taking towers. - Don't write in chat how many times the enemy jungler ganked you. No one cares. Ward your lane and play safe. - If you see the enemy jungler in a brush near your lane, back off! Don't try to take 1 last cs. - If you have 15% hp and your opponent has 90% hp, don't stay in lane waiting for a gank. You won't get a gank if you have 15% hp. Just recall. Edit: I'll be honest. This thread started as a bit of a rant, because of something that happened to me in my last game. However, my points still stand. I come across these situations on a daily basis. Hopefully laners will be able to understand my points. Honestly I would love to have a thread like this from a laner's perspective to learn more about what goes through their minds in certain situations. I think having discussions like these will help us become better players.
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