For the love of Ahri, please do not stay idly by your tower waiting for the minions to arrive.

Wanna drink some salty jungle tears? You came to the right place. It REALLY pisses me off. Seein my laners standing by their towers lvl 1. All i can think about is- will my buff be there when i arrive? Is the enemy jungler starting there? How will i make up for the exp loss and weaker ganking power. And the biggest question of them all- is my toplaner going to survive the lvl2 cheese gank from behind, that very well might be coming, but they do not know about it. Because they chose not to know. And ofc, i will be flamed for not being as useful as the enemy jungler that tripplebuffs me, because my laners cannot leave behind the habits from their first vs AI games, where you needed no vision, no information, you just walked to the lane. For the love of Ahri, do not do that. Tower is not going to be invaded lvl1. It is not going to be stolen. Touching it before the minions come is NOT important.
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