Annie's changes have yet again changed absolutely nothing (especially her E)

Basically title says it all. Riot has said multiple things in the past about Annie that made me interested in what they had in mind for her. First off, her E should become more interesting other than just being a stun battery charge. Second off, they said Annie's CC should remain easily targeted to keep mobility in check (I agree with this), but her burst being so easy is a problem and makes her binary. So now it's been quite some time since they said that, let's have a look at their latest changes: -Her burst is basically unchanged, pressing RQW+Ignite on someone for a free kill still exists -Tibbers now being more powerful means she's better in sustained fights as well, the rage mode rapes anyone who kills Annie -E is still used only as a stun battery (in fact, her highest win % occurs when you do not even level E before QW are maxed.......) -Her winrate rose by about 2% without anything about her gameplay changing, indicating she basically just became stronger for no drawback So once again, Annie's small update (or slight changes, whatever you call them) have changed absolutely nothing about the champion. I'm kinda sad, I was hoping for more Tibbers interaction but you can still press RWQ for free kills (or RQW, order doesn't matter when your target gets no chance to retaliate either way). Maybe Riot will never understand that a shield ability on a champion that can oneshot people without taking the slightest retaliation from them will never work. No one will level E as long as Annie can 100-0 midlaners without effort/counterplay. And no, I'm not necessarily calling her overpowered, I'm just sad all these changes never end up having any real impact....
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