My first (and last) ''omg what happened to this game'' topic.

But seriously, it's the first thought that comes to mind when i play League and see all that has changed this year. The new queue, the balance (or lack of it), the reworks, the flood of new champions, the neglect of old champions. And it makes me wonder: is the game in a worse state then a year ago, or has it become better but am i simply unable to let go of the old(er) League? One thing is for sure: i don't like the state the game is currently in. And i know nobody cares about that and shouldn't, but the fact that a lot of people quit playing in the past months should be a concern, at least in Riot's eyes. Sure, there's still a loyal player community with over 60 million active players worldwide, but we all know what can happen to a game once it has lost it's touch with the actual players. I see the direct effects in my own group of friends. We used to have a solid team of 10-15 active players. We played on a daily basis with at least 4 or 5 of them and the weekends we came together to play team ranked with one of the computers hooked up to the television so the 'bench-players' could watch, give tips and enjoy the exitcement. We had no intention being on any professional level whatsoever, but after every game we discussed what went wrong, how we could improve our game-play and gave helpful tips. The game was challenging, team based and above all: extremely fun and interesting to play. Now there is one player left: me. Sure, i see some guys online every now and then, but we might play an ARAM and that's it. Even i gave up on ranked and play about 2-4 games a week, mostly ARAM too. It seems the least toxic experience after Dominion was deleted. To me, personally, the game has lost it's touch. At least to non-competitive to semi-competitive players like myself and my friends. When i ask them why they never play i get a simple but very clear answer: the game is not fun, not interesting anymore. I love how Riot keeps trying to improve the game and not keeping it the same for a solid year simply because people 'like it that way'. I understand the necessity to change and adept, but has it been in the right direction? Player behavior has always been a big issue for League. The report system simply doesn't do what it's supposed to do. Period. It's good that we have the option to report toxic players, but 99% goes unpunished. So what does Riot do? They add gambling to the game. Seriously? You are going to give players a chance to get boxes and keys with ridiculously low drop-rates so they can get free stuff? How is that going to improve anything? Players are even more trigger happy now because ''omg why u ks i need an S for key fragments!'' Anyone with a sane mind knows that gambling (and yes, that's what it is) brings out the worst in people. Well, i have a lot more to say but i think i made my point. It's not that anyone cares and i don't expect them to, but i did feel the need to express my feelings towards League on The Boards here today. The effects of the season 6 changes are taking it's toll, and that's a fact. Have a lovely day, and i hope my favorite game will find it's magic once more. Cheers, Triepwoet.
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