Tips for a non-Supp that keeps getting put Supp!!!

For ranked I main top, which I feel like im killing atm. Im also happy mid or jung (about even win rate, which im happy with. I seriously suck at supp and a loser at adc. As i feel i have a strong edge at top I want to climb (bronze 4 atm). Top and Mid are my 1st and 2nd roles and with 2 rune pages (AD focused and AS focused reds and both cdr/mr blues and armor yellow) I can play my 5 prefered champs across top/mid/jung. (Nasus, trynd, talon, xin, warwick) HOWEVER.... Im getting put in to Supp ALOT. Im dodging most of them so not to kill my win rate (im getting alot of house jobs done while banned) and yesterday I got put supp 4 times in a row. Its not just a matter of practicing supp out of ranked to 'git good' as my supp champs I own are morgana, annie and alistair and who dont suit my only 2 rune pages which suit my winning champs. so im starting supp games at a disadvantage. I really dont have loads of IP to just buy loads of champs and rune pages. So heres where I need a bit of insight from those more experienced than me.... tldr: What one (fairly simple to learn) champ could I get that could 'do a job' in supp with ad or as reds and quints but also be a decent option in top/mid/jung as thats where I want to play? Or any other game management tips to avoid being placed supp, balancing 2 rune pages, getting the most out of winning champs etc? cheers
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