how to deal with your jungler

Well as a mid laner I've always tried to learn how to play different match ups you know how to play ap mages against zed, how to deal assasins etc. But I think my biggest enemy is never the enemy mid laner but our jungler. And no I never ask for help I'm a low maintenance mid laner just give me my blue and don't die to my opponent that's all I ask from my jungler during laning phase. I rarely get a gank and that's fine. They only gank me when I get my enemy low enough so they can take the kill and that's fine. I don't really need jungler help what I need is jungler being neutral. I even don't want jungler to help me when I get camped because most likely he'll just die to my opponent. I believe I'd have a higher win ratio if this game was played 4 v 4 and there was no jungler role. They can claim blue is theirs as a lee sin when you are an ap mage against zed. Oh and when you get buillied out of lane they just come to your lane and push the wave all the way to the enemy tower. They do that right when you are about to return to your lane so you are forced to overextend. And they just don't understand these things heck they don't even check their teams mana and health before they gank. That'd be too much to expect. I just don't know what to do. I blame myself when I lose the lane to my opponent if it's my fault. But in way too many games I lose my lane because of my teams jungler having an IQ lower than ap I get from my runes. I asked kindly, I flamed, I asked like a friend, I cursed I tried many different approaches but none of them works. My friend suggested to immediately flash if he refuses to give you blue then tell him that you'll feed. I can try that as well. I just don't have a single clue how to deal with this. Any tips would be appreciated.

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