Need opinion on this unconventional build for Thresh!

First of all, let me say I am a Thresh main since early season 5 and I have the lvl 7 mastery with him. I have played with this build many times but I never really got any opinion on it, and id like to know if others find this to be unconventional or just normal. My first item is {{item:3303}} As opposed to {{item:3302}} and {{item:3301}} I take the Edge because I find it way more usefull. Relics execute passive does not proc on Thresh, the healing from Relics is good but nothing special and having no execute can just mess up the pace of my ADCs farming. The Coin is nice, has a bit more passive gold and gives the speed boost and regen when built into the Talisman, but early on I can rely on the gold mastery to bring me gold from minion deaths and also my auto attacks. This is where the Spellthiefs comes into play. As we all know, the passive on Threshs E charges his autoattack and they deal bonus damage. Considering that Thresh is a ˝ranged˝ champion, a support and also has charged autoattacks it only makes sense to occasionally poke the enemy, this, coupled with the Spellthiefs passive and the gold mastery, grants around 10-15 gold on almost every autoattack you poke the enemy with. By the first back you should almost always have enough for a sightstone, boots and maybe the Spellthiefs Edge upgrade. Aside from this I usually take the regular build of {{item:3190}}, {{item:3110}}, {{item:3109}} ,some boots and situationally some of these {{item:3504}}, {{item:3800}} or {{item:3075}} . So, have any of you tried this build before? Why not? Is it too off-meta or just normal enough? Let me know!
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