Can we talk about the good parts about the Aatrox rework

I have recently been seeing a bit of hate for the recent Aatrox rework, yet I feel like that Riot have done a good job with it. Though his abilities have a Riven vibe to it, there is just enough there that makes it unique enough. His visual update is also a cool part as well, the giant sword and muscular, intimidating appearance helps make someone who calls himself "The World Ender" feel like one. And finally, my favorite part of the update in my opinion, his new voice. Though I agree that some will miss the original voice, whoever replaced Erik Ireland as Aatrox's voice, is doing a good job, reminding me of Arnold Schwarzenegger. I especially love his Taunt lines **"I am like a demon, but more edgy, right? You know, cause I'm a sword. Hmm..."** ** "So uh, I'm Aatrox. I'm a transcendental being trapped inside cutlery... What's your deal?"** **"Uh, nice world you have here. I intend to destroy it, you know, FYI."** How he roast his Darkin brethren as well {{champion:141}} **"A scythe? A scythe?! Are you planning on murdering fields of wheat?!"** {{champion:141}} ** "I chose a sword, the noblest weapons, Rhaast. You- seriously I don't understand... Were you trapped in the gardening section?"** {{champion:110}} **"We all agreed on the double 'A' thing, Varus. The double 'A' thing!"** {{champion:110}} ** "Varus, 'V' 'A' 'R' 'U' 'S', your name should have an 'A' and then another 'A', Varus. There was a memo, Varus, there was a memo!"** and he has upped Kled as well, by being able to say the S-word without it being censored.
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