What to do against Akali aside from hoping and praying Jungler comes?

Title. She is a squishy Assassin, so she will die if cc'ed and focused (assuming you have CC that lasts 10 seconds when shroud is up. So yeah, good design, Riot). What I know in lane: 1. Don't let her proc 2 marks on you. Great, let her have total lane dominance for 6 seconds when she uses Q. 2. poke her pre 6. Well, fine. Hope she does not HEAL IT ALL BACK UP WITH PASSIVE. 3. post 6 game is done, unless you can drag it to 50 minutes where she eventually, maybe, falls off a little. So yeah... Oh, and 4. hope and pray your Jungler comes and A) is a tank 2 levels above all of us with lots of CC and B) hope the 50/50 chance of her 1v2 happens to flip in our favor. what to do?
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