Plat elo is the worst experience I've ever had

Last season on my main account I made it Diamond 2 the highest I've ever been and unfortunately that account got banned this season. So I create a new account which is currently Platinum 2. I can't even explain how awful this is unless you're in the same boat as me, there is such an accumulation of bad things so where to start... It's piss easy, yes it's incredibly easy but does that mean you can climb simply as a solo player? No...not really. I wouldn't care so much if it was challenging and I was losing games because the enemies were good as I would at least learn something. There is not much else for me to learn as you're either playing against players who are bronze or those are actually platinum which isn't hard whatsoever. I'm tired of losing games I've performed well in (that's more so to do with dynamic que though). There are a lot of trolls. Of course you get trolls in every elo but there seem to be an overwhelming amount of them. I constantly have players who go afk because I don't gank their lane at 1 minute 39 or I don't give them my red or blue buff. Sometimes they run it down mid like my last game...what did I do to deserve this? I told a fizz player that he needs to play safer because he's 0/3/0 at 6 minutes with 7 CS and 3 levels behind the enemies Velk'oz, apparently I'm an extremely toxic player. The skill difference in all games is so huge, I can only assume that this is mainly due to dynamic que because of the legal boosting aspect of it, and then when those people play solo they've just destroyed platinum and literally made it into a coin flip elo if you're playing solo. Every game one team stomps the other and if there's any who is actually good on the team getting stomped there's not anything they can possibly do to compensate for their team mates. I quit for about 2 months because I had enough of this crap, then I discovered that solo q is back in Diamond + so I wanted to get there hoping the game would be enjoyable again. I really don't think I have the patience to tolerate it, platinum elo is just too bad. I really can not play this many games just to be lucky enough to receive a streak of games where my team stomps the other, I'm an incredibly unlucky person in general and my motivation to play is just becoming less and less.
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