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Hi. I would like to ask your opinion about Camille top. Why do people play her more in jg instead top(where rito originnaly made her). Also why do I feel I played her a ton of games but still think I am not good. Its hard to 1v1 anyone and I get outplayed lot of times. Now I had some game with her but still my winrate is not good for me (49%). The same reason why do I play her is why 10 yrs old bronze kids play Yasuo. She is very badass and awesome and I also love her high mobility. But I dont know why I cant find happyness and success with her. My performance with Garen is much much stable. As Garen I can beat a Diamond player but with Camille I can lose from a Silver one. Why? This champ is always make me sad. She has the most fun to play kit in the game but I can't be good with her. Can u explain what is the problem? Also can u recommend me some high mobility carry toplaner who is easy to play and very badass? I played Kled but I got destroyed in ranked. Should I play him more and try to learn so tips and tricks for him? I'm looking forward to your answear. Have a nice day! :)
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