so when someone plays against kassadin, what is the first thing that comes to mind? ' oh boy, i just wish he was a little bit slower, since he doesnt have a 1 sec cd flash on his r anyway, hopefuly i can escape him'. this nerf was even worse than the irelia movespeed nerf in season 8. the champion right now does way too much damage considering how consistently he can get to his late game. presence of mind is broken on him because it gives him 500 mana( which is huge because of how seraphs works) and makes him have unlimited mana. this is the same problem that we had with kayle at the end of last season ever since her mini-rework: she became ranged at lvl 6 and you couldnt do anything to her and she would just scale too well. at least her previous version had the clear weakness of being useless for the first 10 levels and falling into huge cs deficits. please nerf kassadin, because what you did this patch was a joke and it pains to think that people are getting paid to do these changes.
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