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Hey, First off I'm a Gold III Soraka main. Okay so every game as Soraka I play super aggressive and I'm pretty good at it at this point. I barely lose health and constantly land Q's and autos literally every second. My ADC is on full HP and I've literally got theirs down to 1/2 or 1/4. However the problem is my ADC honestly never ever seems to a) help me out by poking them or b) go in for a kill instead they just farm away the whole laning phase (I get its what they're supposed to do but a free kill is a free kill or at least an easy opportunity to burn a summoner). Th other problem is that it usually ends up with them backing, my ADC didn't take the opportunity I gave him, thresh lands a lucky hook and he dies then there goes the lead we had.It seems to me the only way to play consistently athis elo is to play someone like Blitz or Thresh who can literally just spoon feed your ADC and make kill opportunities blatantly obvious. I guess I'm just wondering if anyone has experience with this, can give insight on what happens in higher elos or just tell me if what I'm saying is wrong and I suck (pls no xD). Just thought I'd add I don't want to sound like im perfect or anything here I understand losing is just as much my fault too. Thanks again (:
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