Nerf List & Buff List

MY SUGGESTIONS 1° Malzahar : Passive : is so strong right now..make like also autoattacks can wipe it and reduce the cooldown of his passive. W : solo drake at level 2 is not legit. (Yes is permabanned, but is not a reason to leave this champion overpowered) 2° Brand : Passive : i would like to increase at 4 spells the spawn of the big circular explosion ( OP ) because with 3 you stack it very very very quickly and in teamfight he can really win 1 v 5. 3° Veigar : I don't know what to nerf veigar.. i mean you can change is gaining of AP from champions and others atleast nerf the stun duration of the cage..or increase the cooldown of the cage.. 4° Volibear : a true monster of solo Q the W is totally OP try to decrease the health scaling of the chomp.. he looks an immortal assassin!! 5° Ekko : Hi summoners we nerfed the base damage of Ekko but we increased the AP ratio like this the Ekko tanks can build something of AP but still going tank and kill everything in his front... Rito please balance this champion..if you go full AP you just need lich bane to oneshot adc...if you go full tank know. 6° Fizz : 2 types of Fizz.. Fizz tank top (broken) Fizz ap mid (OP) why this fish never get nerfs?? he just needs 2 items to start oneshot carries!! 7° Trundle : do something for the troll king... you're forced to build a QSS as tank top because his ulti is totally op..atleast increase cooldown or i dont know...decrease the Q damage!! 8° Darius : Who fed Darius?? please. Easy to kite (no if he has flash) but come on...what is that damage.. 9° Zyra : what you guys think about Zyra? A lot of people are saying she is broken now but i think she is fine. 10° Maokai : The strongest tank ... The snare cooldown is ridiculous... the passive (with visage closed) heal himself TOOOOOO MUCH!!!!... i know he just got buffed but..yea he really deserve a nerf. BUFF LIST 1° Katarina : Hey rito do you know you have a Katarina?? Please do something for this poor girl..she is like a minion in this meta. 2° Udyr : Come on.. for the serie "how to kill a champion" you nerfed Udyr over and over...and now you changed the rageblade too.. as a main Udyr i really want that you BUFF something of him..TIGER STANCE for example...increase is AD Ratio please! 3° Yasuo : With the new mage updates i have the impression that he needs a buff... in the toplane he got destroyed by any tank..and now mid...hard times for Yasuo 4° Kassadin : Same with Kassadin..he is knew like the AP Counterpick but well now mages are OP and where is Kassa?? Buff him please.. 5° Kalista : too much nerfs for her.. now she is very very very very low early game...

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