Game is extremely not enjoyable at the moment.

TL;DR: League of Legends is not enjoyable, I manage to be honor lvl 5 at the cost of dying inside irl. League for me is one of those games that you play just because it runs well, it's easy to get into a game, and it is addicting. It is NOT something that is played to have fun, especially when either none of your friends play the game anymore, or never did, or you don't have friends in the first place. League at the moment is so... f\*cking... unenjoyable, that it drives you to insanity. My past couple of games have just been cursing IRL over champions that have been broken for SO LONG, who have things in their kit that are so annoying to play against (like f\*cking Zoe), yet instead of Riot dealing with that, they release Aphelios who will be an absolute nightmare to balance. I main mid for example. I just played a few games, where my jungler thought it was a good idea to fight at lvl 3 (for clarification, our side is kayn lvl3, me as vlad lvl 2 vs yasuo lvl 2, jarvan lvl 3). There is NO POSSIBLE WAY, in ANY DIMENSION, that we win that fight. I oblige to go and help, and in hindsight, I never should have went there. Boom, Yasuo gets 2 kills, I manage to kill the Jarvan but at the cost of both summs. And of course, I am the one to blame. Very similar thing happens. Next game, same matchup, junglers are nocturne, and elise respectively. They invade our red (bottom side) but it was expected. I go midlane, and right as out top and jungler go to their red, I see Yasuo move towards there, and Elise or the enemy top isn't seen. YOU HAVE TO HAVE NEGATIVE IQ, TO NOT PREDICT WHAT WILL HAPPENS NEXT, but of course, the jungler dies. Who got the kill? Of course my matchup. Guess what happens again in less than a minute? Of course our jungler dies when trying to contest the SCUTTLE CRAB, while being already behind, and see's that I emailed, faxed and slapped him in the face with and SS, and also the enemy support wasn't seen. Another kill for Yasuo. GG. Great Game, 10/10.
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