Some Winter's Skin (Especially Nidalee for me).

Snow Bunny Nidalee Skin Spotlight - League of Legends
Snow Bunny Nidalee Skin League of Legends
I think we can all say that some winter skin is not like their splash-art (like a good number of skin) and I want to take a zoom to Nidalee's winter skin. Since 2015 (3years ago), the splash-art of nidalee got refreshed up, but the skin, not. We got a really and beautiful Splash-art of the skin, but in-game, it's ridiculously not the same. Looks like a chinese copy in a other game of the splash-art (No racism, just an exemple). (New Splash) (Old Splash) So I'm making a quote, do you want a renewal of that skin ? And if you want, what skins you want to see renewal ? :)

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