Inexcusable botting in normals

Small frustration vent. I'm alright with inexperienced players. I'm alright with bad games where one side feeds. I've accepted that trolls exist and they're there to ruin everyone's fun. Hell, I even accepted that co-op is the home of bots. But normals? Really? During time between 6AM and 12AM, there's sometimes this influx of bots. They feed, they run at enemies, get themselves to 15% HP and then attempt to run away. All have heal and ghost. First game. Two bots on our team. Two bots on enemy team. Second game. One bot on our team, one bot on enemy team. On top of our midlaner going afk. I hate the fact that these games are a coinflip of where bot goes. Whoever gets fed by bots in early game, wins. Cool. Very cool. So, now I'm supposed to play something else just because of sudden wave of bots (which fortunately isn't a problem tbh. Darkest Dungeon is delightful) Did someone experience this too?
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