So twisted treeline dies, and its once again riots fault

remember when they revamped 3v3 and stopped making changes to it like half a year later? i remember how they said when thresh came out they will add him to th altar voice lines. never happened. they also removed some fun items. and then left it to die. just like dominion srsly if riot would just bite the bullet and bring back OLD 3v3 then i would play it same for old urf. when you could have fun. and not waste 10 games to maybe get a chance to do what you want. or not have fking gimmick modes and abondan them. i am also salty that ascension got buttfked and never will return. because having fun is not what riot wants. only PRO PLAY even though 95% of this game is infact NOT pro play srsly riot can suck it for doing this again and again. if you have the balls to demlish something ppl liked and then say nobody wants it we remove it ADMIT TO IT. cowards here a video for some refreshment
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