This type of trash has to stop right now and for good.

Yes, I'm extremely tilted and super god damn sick of what this preseason came to be. Burst mages support have to end. I get it with Brand, he has to land his stun, make sure he hits all spells for his passive and so on to actually deal his damage but Vel'koz is completely trash and a pain in the ass to deal with. He can harass through minions like it's no one business, he can CC you through minions, his ultimate is absolute trash (at least remove his slow, you know, there's no counterplay to it since you can't juke it left or right and you have to run straight and you either die trying or you get away with the slightest hp possible, which means you either back or you stay trying to throw something back and dying anyway.) This preseason is horrible and personally I don't like the direction this game is headed. I feel like hard champions are not rewarding anymore, what's the point of trying to get good with a mechanical hard champion if you can play something with a dumb kit that does a lot of damage without punishment from the enemy ? This simply has to stop. Supports are not even supports anymore and as someone that enjoys this role and the mentality behind it I feel like the whole bot lane turned into a nightmare. And I really don't know if the ADC items being reworked again will fix much of it. ADCs have been in a tough spot for some time and this forced the burst mages to take supports place. And it's not okay to die in 3 seconds while the enemy "support" has only Tome and sorc boots. It's just too much. You either nerf some of them really good to stop them from wrecking everything on the bot lane or you either buff some old supports to be able to survive the insane damage they take. And that was my complain. I thought things will get better with the changers announced in the current patch but it's only worse. DH is still the most used rune and it's completely %%%%%%ed on so many levels. I mean it's pretty stupid to get one shotted by a 0/5 Diana only because she has that rune. Come on now.
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