Custom "Announcer" Voice Packs

Why doesn't Riot sell some custom announcer voicepacks so that we can choose some of our favorite champions to voice the annoucements. It would be really cool and gives a little more customization if we can have champion annoucer voice packs that change the voice of the game announcer to the voice of the specific champion that you want. Obviously they could sell this and have some really funny comments on there, I would love to hear a game commented on by {{champion:222}} and perhaps even voice work from the RL LCS annoucers so you make all your games feel like special LCS games (some of the LCS commentators have really nice voices). Like this, {{champion:222}} - *Enemy team gets a double kill* "Bye-Bye! Enemy Double Kill! WORK HARDER!" Obvious just using {{champion:222}} as an example because of how crazy she is. Just an idea to consider, would anyone be interested in this? I know they do this in other moba's but League has so many iconic characters, it could be a real cool thing for Riot to do.
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