why is akali still not nerfed?

This champion is probably the worst champ design ever made in league How to nerf the champion: Nerf early passive damage and movement speed and range. Remove healing on q entirely dont try to work around it just %%%%ing delete it. (why does she even have healing) revert her W, everytime i play against her she dives me when she has a %%%%ing hextech revolver just because she can 100-0 me in like 2 seconds thus she walks up to me presses w and the tower wont deal any damage. Her e should have a limited range like lee sin! Her ult should not stun me! why nerf passive? why should she get me down to half hp by pressing q and than aa. Ok why remove healing? oh you thought you won a trade against akali for the first time? nope she'll heal everything back. Why revert W? only the effect of the W, she shouldnt be invisible to every damn thing, this ability here gives her so much dive potential its unbelievable, it almost makes her invulnerable for 8 seconds. Her recast E shouldnt have a global range. why does she even have a global range on it? and why does her ult stun? YeaH bUT iTs oNlY 0.5 sEcOndS. yup! enough to cancel a shit ton of abilities. people will probably say: Yeah but isnt this a bit drastic? nope its not this champion is probably the most broken design in all of league history. even azir wasnt this broken. and his ult almost got entirely removed, his e stun got removed, his Range got removed, his early damage got removed, his Shuriman shuffle got a massive nerf. his attack speed got nerfed. his gank potential got nerfed due to range nerf.
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