Chest earning should be unlimited with the same champion, not capped at a single chest per season.

I'm one of those oddballs that REALLY love just one champion. Not that I haven't tried other - I have. I just LOVE a specific one (Morg). It really saddens me that chest earning is capped at one per season; That's like nothing. I don't really see any reason why I should have 7 full keys (and counting) and not be able to use them for a year... and after a year I'll open one more chest, yay. Please change the chest system that will allow people that play mostly one champ to earn chest. I don't care if it has low odds. I don't care if it requires S+ only. I don't care if it requires only me to gain S+ (and not my premades). I just want ANY chance of using these keys I keep on getting while playing a champ I love and not just a boring filler champ for chests. Hope I get my wish!
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