**Biggest thread for the new teasers!!! Happy discussing!!!!** (I'm updating whenever we get official data/theories that have proof behind them!) As you can see they all have Dead-Eyes maybe another clue to the new champion Jihn?! (Basically if you convert Zed's teaser into a notepad and open it you can find the names: deadeyeSona, deadeyeZed, deadeyeGaren and finally deadeyeVI but also a mysterious file with the name Jihn hidden in the codes!) I have found the source of the 4 on Reddit and also found Sona on this chinese league website [Here]( Want even more proof!?!?! pfff Here's Moobeat's [Twitter]( (Check his recent tweets) EDIT: Our leading Suspect of the shoots is currently known as Jihn, Our story so far: He shoots {{champion:238}} in the head. He shoots {{champion:37}} in the throat He looks like he shoots {{champion:86}} in the eye And finally possibly {{champion:254}} in the Chest? Zed's Teaser Video: Sona's Teaser Video: Garen's Teaser Video: VI's Teaser Video: Will be released 2/1/16 Have more info I haven't included? Comment down below and I'll add it with your name :)
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