Wards, who gets what and where to use them?

Ok so I'm trying my best to improve at this game and have been thinking of ways in which I'm not doing what I should, one of them is warding. I dont really mind what lane I'm playing and with autofill I might end up with any lane anyway, I have an idea what I should be doing but I'm not 100% sure so I'm here for help. So far what I'm planning on implementing into my play style with types of wards are as follows: **Top lane** {{item:3340}} sticking with this lil guy, the warding totem, the reason I'm thinking this is mainly because when I'm top I'll have tp {{summoner:12}} so with this ward I can set up my own places to tp too, and because tops are usually fairly tank, I'll probably be able to get away if necessary from the enemy jungler if that problem arises. **Mid lane** {{item:3363}} getting the farsight alteration ward, because mid laners are usually quite squishy, or at least the ones I play feel squishy {{champion:103}} {{champion:55}} with the upside of mobility so checking bushes from a distance I fell is much better. **Support** {{item:3341}} once I've got sightstone{{item:2045}} (yes you need the ruby one) I feel like getting the sweeping would be best as clearing the enemy ones is good for letting the jungler gank and we still have the wards through sightstone to allow bot side vision **Jungle** I'm not quite sure about this one, maybe this{{item:3341}} or this{{item:3340}} , no real idea pls help? :) **ADC** I'm thinking either sticking with the warding totem{{item:3340}} or getting the farsight alteration {{item:3363}} because of being squishy again but again not sure any help would be great? {{item:2055}} I think I should be getting this no matter what role I'm playing In terms of what wards to place where and when I'm not sure, apart from say Baron around 20 mins, plus point where the opportunity to take is higher for the enemy. And the bushes nearest the lane but is there better places, other places that should be warded? Thanks in advance for all help and advice :)
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