Tahm Kench - thoughts on how to make him a better support champion

Hellos I have been playing Tahm and I have been feeling he has a too big of a disadvantage compared to most of the other Champions, and that even compared to almost other support characters. I have been thinking on how he could be improved and I came up with some ideas. hopefully they are decent enough to be heard. here goes my thoughts in ideas passing on each ability most of it would be simple tweaks and only one change perhaps. General: Tongue lash seems the ability that suffers more in his entire kit, Devour needs only some tweaks to not fail as much. With this new patch the new items retouch helps to increase Tahms usefullness and not make him by stand everything, but makes him a poor choice still since others can do the same items too and have more tools from their kits. A problem with his Items is that they are quite expensive being a support when they would make a difference in fights. Abilitys: ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| [Passive_Aquired Taste] ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| It feels good :D ||||||||||||||||||||||||| [Q_Tongue Lash] |||||||||||||||||||||||||| This ability for me is the ONE ability that really needs to be changed a bit and not just tweaked. Compared to other supports when they have Q ability that is aimed to poke and the rest is utility, the Q ability has like a sort of area effect besides the status effect like stuns or slows. this Ability lacks a area effect to compensate the problems he has. (Problem 1) the tongue is to wide compared to how close he can get to minions that renders this ability almost useless to poke enemy champions in lane. There was a case in which this was all to clear and not something to work around with positioning. I was hitting a minion with auto attacks straight forward when a enemy champion comes out to charge on me at a bit more than a 90º angle, I choose to do a tongue last since he was at the appropriate distance, when I do the attack I turn and am at a 90º angle for the minion being on my left arm but still my tonge does not go beyond the minion as it hits the minion before it leaves my mouth even. (Problem 2) the combo "Q>hit enemy minion>W>swallow minion" is something that you almost never want to do, but never do ever! as to get a minion to shoot you get a cool down of 2 abilitys instead of one, making you harmless for a little bit of damage. Even when towers fall I do not feel tempted to do it, not even when the enemy is denying me CS and I am trapped under a tower for my dear life. (Problem 3) a simple wall of minions can block this attack to poke enemy champions, that would be okay if the tongue was not so fat that it cannot go in between minions like thresh's hook nor it does a area effect like Karma's Inner flame or Bard's Cosmic Bind. The effect the tongue does and reach is nice but in lane it is to weak to poke and nor it does real damage on Champions in the lanning fase and neither on minions to be worth the cool down. To use this Q I always feel I have to be at the maximum reach of the tongue and run away or really close to do auto attacks after and never in the space in between as it is a big disadvantage. Considering these problems and usage I been thinking on how to make his poke better, here are some ideas. (Idea 1) when hitting a minion or enemy champion a sort of force is create behind the hit due the lash hit, like bard's cosmic bind, making damage. this would not cause Aquired Taste to stack up nor stuns or slow downs. This would only make this tongue more pokeable as it would cause some percentual damage and not let the enemy ADC sit on a chair and farm comfortable. (Idea 2) when a hit is done hitting a second time Q on contact would pull the enemy minion or Champion back. this would help isolate targets for the friendley adc to focus it's fire, as it would change the positioning to become more agressive. it would help pulling minions and not do the Q>W combo on a straight go as it would be able to do a auto attack and save a Devour for later, or help going into a devour with a sort of a combo like sequence. my suggestion here would be half or a third of the tongues length when it did the hit. |||||||||||||||||| [W_Devour] |||||||||||||||||| However using this ability ofensiveley is not easy as there is not a single combo to do in order to use it, but since it is more of a protective tool it does not harm being so. But even to use it ofensiveley the problem not to comes from the Tongue lash not help to come a auto attack faster up close. Here are some tweaks I would like to suggest to make this ability more smooth to use. (Tweak 1) I love this ability it is very versatile but it needs some help command wise considering enemy champions. It tends to mess up the aim as people start to clutter in team fights. something like ALT+W (aims enemy champions only) would help picking up the enemy that has the acquired taste in the middle of the friendly Champions. This sort of modifier would help someone not picking up the Friendly champions in middle of fights resulting in aiding the enemy team this because by default the target for Friendly champions seems to overlap and be bigger than one target for Enemy Champions. (Tweak 2) Tahm being able to choose where to spit out a friendley champion would help him reposition friends behind walls and what not, without them having to think and "WORK with YOU" (that never happens!!!) you as in most cases when they are swallowed they are is a sort of shock and cannot make a decision even after they are spitted out, not to mention almost no one knows they can exit and where too. I think this is due to the fact the arrow may disappear when quick cast is on (not tested this). but Tahm should be able to do the play too, I know it makes him with more troll power but makes his save more consistant too and not let them fall in the worst possible direction as the time ends because their mouse is in the wrong direction without knowing. I have a idea for this though. (Idea 1) I deslike the huge slowdown he gains when swallowing a enemy Champion but I think it is still workable with spells and team work. But a possibility to spit the enemy in some direction, by activating this ability again, would really compensate the huge sacrifice made to get the aquired taste running around after him and swallowing after all those cooldowns, since there is no direct way to get all of it in a single go without a possible break. This could be nice to push against a wall or friendlley Champions or place them behind a wall and run away or fight the remainning Enemy Champions by gainning time. Even if it was not a Spit like he does for minions it would not help the neutral drop and solve the problem to guess in what direction you must attack with your tongue lash as he is exactlley in the same place as you as here it seems to almost never connect but wiff entirelly. |||||||||||||||||||||| [E_Thick Skin] |||||||||||||||||||||| It feels good :D |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| [R_Abyssal Voyage] |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| This ultimate is so odd, not on how to use it but how people react to it. if your not playing with a pre-made team this ultimate will almost always be a solo ride or a simple jump start from the nexus to the lane a bit forward. I have 3 points I would like to talk about on this one. (1) when doing a solo trip, the cancel you do into the voyage itself takes too much time, lowering the cancel time to go in a solo trip would help Tahm to exit a situation after hiding a single bit. but it takes so long the enemys are able to sweep the terrain, find you and still kill you with you hidden in a bush trying to dash out of the scene. this makes this ultimate only useful while entering a scene and never exiting it but that also has issues. (2) while doing the ultimate to enter a scene it takes so long that it spooks so much that people are able to run away, but I do see this as a honest set back and not as bad as the cancel time to go solo being too long to flee. (3) this may be too much to ask but a increase in his travel range would help mobility a great deal to convince 2 players out their route to meet and travel. Global presence would be nice considering Twisted Fate, but a mid to top or bottom lane range through the river would make it much more luring to be used, as most team mates ask for a longer range and that would be usefull and not too much I guess. I hope these thoughts my be worth something to help Tahm be a better Support Champion, and thank you for the time readding this.

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