CHEESIEST WAY TO WIN EVER?!?! like, srsly....

This is a team comp that will let you win 75% of your game that will only require 2 champs for it to work; Nasus {{champion:75}} ,and Swain {{champion:50}} . How it works: if you are winning, you are winning doesn't take rocket science. if you are losing, no big deal, Swain {{champion:50}} can just be the unkillable threat that he is and protect base for a long time while Nasus {{champion:75}} is farming up stacks until his Q deals enough dmg to tp into the enemy base and destroy it, to achieve this faster you will need Ohmwrecker {{item:3056}}, since it's active component will disable turret shots for a short period of time. tl;dr if you are winning: ur winning, if ur losing ur still winning. Pro: if you are losing you are still winning Con: Weak early game, (can be solved by having good early game champs as your other teammates) Reasons why you lost: 1. Your team is incredibly bad, and fed so much that the game was over before Swain {{champion:50}} could get enough items to become unkillable. 2. You were matched up very unfairly Example; Silver 3 vs Plat 2 3. It's one of if not the first time you are playing Swain {{champion:50}} or Nasus {{champion:75}} Some Champs that work well with this strategy: Jax {{champion:24}} I mean if you are going for the late game anyways, why not pick Jax {{champion:24}} too then? Thresh {{champion:412}} Just like with jax {{champion:24}} , works well because you are going for the late game, so thresh is nice, because of his passive. Vayne {{champion:67}}, Vayne {{champion:67}} Is like any other ADC, scales well into the late game, but i chose her just because she works pretty well with Thresh {{champion:412}}, because of his hook. Any Early game jungler would work well too, just to cover up your early game weakness. Lucian {{champion:236}} is also a good pick to cover up your early game weakness. I hoped this helped some of you. -Ikkezz
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