This game, isnt fun to play anymore.

Literally, its not fun, balancing is trash, matchmaking is trash, meta is trash, the games are trash, the community is trash, the client is trash, the game itself is trash, Riot themselves have become money hungry trashbags, anyone who thinks theyre good because thye play broken champions are trash, all the trashbag meta slaves are trash, all the people throwing games are trash, every toxic tilter is trash, this game has literally become nothing like what league used to be, everything deserves to be %%%%ing binned, all the Riot boards whitenights are trash. %%%% everyone who thinks this meta is good. Youre a %%%%ing trashbag if you think thats true. THE BOUNTIES. HAHAHAHAHA. THE %%%%ING BOUNTY CHANGES WHAT THE %%%% ARE RIOT THINKING? IM 100% CERTAIN THAT RIOT DEVS ARE SMOKING SOME %%%%ING STRONG SHIT. %%%%ING IMBECILES HOLY %%%%. Only reason this game is still popular is because the %%%%ing esports scene is huge, otherwise it would die like it should have since the %%%%%%ed as %%%% changes starting from Season 7. Even long time streamers are starting to look at playing other games, cause ITS NOT FUN ANYMORE. Literally, the game is "Who can pick the most broken %%%%ing champions in the game" if you want to win your ranked games, %%%% playing the champions which are actually fun to play, %%%% playing champions that take skill to play, you know whats a good idea? LETS PLAY %%%%ING YI, OR EVEN BETTER, LETS PLAY BRAND ADC OR EVEN BETTER LETS PLAY ZED AND %%%%ING ONESHOT EVERYONE WITHOUT EVEN USING ULT. 10bans, isnt enough, we need 20 or 30 bans now, since Riot doesnt give a shit about balancing broken asf shit. %%%% you Riot, I literally hope your servers get nuked the %%%% off of the face of the earth you scumbag company.
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