Smurfing...Is it encouraged by riot?

Hey, i wan just wondering if smurfing is a banable offence or not on league of legends? Or is it encouraged by Riot? Im just curious because it gets really annoying when we lose a game because a previously unranked and currently unranked player with 67 games to their name has some how got the skill and game knowledge to dominate our whole team using currently over powered champion like its nothing. Its honestly not fun, and extremely unfair. Even though ive had it on my team sometimes and it feels good to get free LP, I dont enjoy the game simply because our whole team is usually bait and one big meat shield for the smurf whilst he decimates the enemy team? Im not mad if it is encouraged by riot but im just curious because im sure i will end up smurfing at some point aswell. And if it is encouraged why is it so?
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