What is up with matchmaking?

I understand every one has their bad games. I finished season 9 at Gold 3 and managed to climb to Plat 4 during pre-season. I got placed Silver 1 after 4 wins in placements. Some of the losses my fault, some my team. However, since then my win-rate has been the lowest its ever been. I'm losing almost ever single game and I know some will be my fault. But the amount of trolls/bad teammates I am getting is absolutely insane. The majority of games I have had trolls/feeders/inters, whatever you want to call them. It doesn't matter if I play good or bad, I rarely get a good team. And I'm not talking about people losing lane, I'm talking about full on hard feeding, not paying attention to map or objectives. I know some of you will say that I just need to learn how to 1 vs 9. Which admittedly I could get better at. But I should not be expected to have to hard carry every single game.
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