too many smurfs lately

What is up with all these smurfs all of a sudden? for the past 70-80 of my solo/duo games, almost ALL of them has at least 1 level 30-40 player who is everywhere on the map clapping everyone. I'm not exaggerating, you can check. I mean, it never bothered me before because it wasn't that common, but now it's getting ridiculous because it happens literally every game. And yes, sometimes they are on my team so I'm not complaining about them ruining my winrate necessarily, but they ruin the game experience because most games break down into what team has the smurfs/most smurfs/better smurfs. Why are these players not filtered out like they are in lower levels (pre level 30)?. They certainly have the means to detect who is smurfing and who is not so why are they not matched together only? Im ok with having the occasional smurf because it's not gonna affect my climb or my gameplay experience, but not when it happens every game.
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