Is Sion bad or good?

Im quite new to LoL but not new to MOBA games, i have played a ton of dota and my fingers have adapted to the QWER system. I wanted to find a fun champ to play as and I happen to meet Sion the unkillable war machine that I absolutely loved. Before hand I met a nice group of skilful people who "taught" some special LoL mechanics and how there are some expensive but really useless champs. So as usual I ask them whether Sion was a good champ or not, they screamed of how awful and "Easily ignored" he was and frankly I couldnt believe it, he was so perfect in my eyes that I just couldnt accpte it. And I did what my brain wanted me to, I bought him and quickly started a game of Rift. At the start of the game I was quite sceptical of how I should play or should I even follow my friends advise. But moments later I realised that they were quite wrong and I started to demolish the enemy team with no hesitation, even when I died of a stupid mistake, I killed everyone with my passive, they couldnt do anything about it. He was the most fun I _ever_ had in my life, He was exactly what I was looking for. And so after the succesful and weirdly easy match, I contacted my friends and said how he actuallys really fun and amazing. They clearly didnt like my opinion and told me a bunch of facts how I was wrong and it all was just pure luck or newbie enemies. But they were quite average and werent that dumb to just jump into me. After that I continued to play as him for the past weeks and I still won easily most of the games, of course I lost some because teammates can be useless at times. But at this point im questioning myself whether im an ascended being or should I say a **Gamer** or it was just actual luck. I really need a proper explanation to the power of Sion and if hes truly garbage and im just messing around with him and getting lucky with newbies enemies.
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