Bots in ARAM and TT games

Hello fellow summoners, boards users and riot members I have an issue to adress to all you good and noble league players... Bots in ARAM games and somtimes in TT games too.... so what are these bots and why there are these mystical figures.. Bots - A.I controlled champons to contest aainst actual players in a some kind of training game. Bots(with real player nicknames) - People who in some kind a way make their caracter move like a intro bot diving in turrets adn some times using abilities to feed enemy teamand waste the real players time... Why there is people like this who are (lets call it "botting") There is this issue that a human being(lets call him Bob) is very lazy to play some league games...So bob decides that he will go bot some ARAM games to get IP without playing an actual the end of the day Bob sees that he has got a good chunk of IP(lets say he got 500 IP)..and he is happy with he sees that he can buy his favorite champ....Ashe(what??You thought it would be a 6300 champ)...but there is a plottwist where Bob got reported and got banned for 2 weeks...and then he never botted againg.... What am i trying to say with this story is that there s a lot of people that are "botting" and pissing off a lot of people...and in that kind of matter ARAM and TT aer losing popularity and practically breaking down..
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