Some thoughts about Yasuo

Hey there, So Yasuo is pretty much what people call "cancer" nowadays and he's pretty much rarely seen in Draftpick because he's always banned and always seen in Blindpick because, well, no bans there ^^'. I've had some changes in mind that i want to put out there and see what everyone thinks about them. Whether you're a Yasuo main or a constant banner of him please leave your opinion on whether the ideas are viable or not. 1. Extreme mobility: The dash ability is pretty neat and gives Yasuo the mobility he has/needs but being able to dash endlesly as long as there are sth to dash through is what tilts many people. Give the dashes a stacking mechanism. He can dash for lets say 5 times in a row but every dash has a cooldown to charge, that way he's free to use all his charges but wait for each indivisual dash to load or preserve them to use them as efficiently as possible. 2. Ult cooldown: 30 sec on an ult like his isn't enough. Yes he has to gather 3 stacks and knock the opponent to activate it but if you have a teammate with a knockup cc then it's simply broken. Beinga ble to skip the whole buildup to be able to use the ult and just go for it is pretty unfair imo. Give the ult a longer cooldown and cut that cooldown shorter when it's activated via his uwn cc and not someone elses. He'd be rewarded for the stacking and play and would make the ult abit more fair for the enemy. 3. Windwall: It's a unique ability and what gives Yasuo his character but in some cases it feels abit overpowered. I'm totally fine with the ability stopping any ranged AA or abilities but completely deleting an ult feels unfar for the enemy. The windwall has such a low coldown in comparison to ults like Jinx, Draven and Gragas. Make the shield "leak" some precentage of the damage when it comes to ults, similar to Braums shield when it's hit for the second time. I believe that if these things were tweaked Yasou wouldn't be as tilting as he is currently, at least imo. Do you agree with me or did I miss sth. plz let me know ^^ /Ozzie
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