why do promo's often end up in nightmares?

promo game 1: jungle picks teemo. doesn't ward, doesn't gank, doesn't interest in objectives. 'drakes are not important im not doing them' dies a lot. midlane decides to troll and goes 1/10 within the blink of an eye support is afk and disconnected for a big chunk of the game, then comes back and just dies. the only normal player was me & adc. how am i supposed to survive something like this? promo game 2: was fine, we won, good game promo game 3: our midlane decides to troll from the start. flames everyone since second 1. runs it down, never helps anyone, says we all need to get stage 4 cáncer. goes 3/15 eventually. feeds Akali so bad with 10 kills in the first 15 minutes that we had no chance at all. tells us "your welcome lol" before the defeat screen pops up. so lost my promos.. not because our team was just not good enough, no, because people enjoy trolling / flaming / %%%king with other peoples match. Whats the fun about that really ?
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