Hate me, but i like Dynamic Que

Hey Peeps, (sorry for the typo*queue) I have no idea why you guys going crazy hating DQ. This game supposed to be as social possible and all you guys forget that in S1-2 it used to be quite similar. Why is it a problem if there are +2 premades? If you are not bad and win your lane I dont see a point why couldnt you cooperate with them and win together. I think its pretty awesome that we can play in bigger groups, dont forget that the matchmaking tries to push the game towards 50% winrate all the time regardless the premades. PLUS now you can play your preferred role without dealing with the "pick order" and such. Longer ques? well something for something. I totally feel like silver/bronzies going ape because getting roflstomped by a premade. Well win your lane and work with them or grab a couple friends as well. KEEP IT UP RITO <3 haters gonna hate {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}}

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