After All This Years Why Is the Leaver Buster System So Bad?

my 1st quetion is why do people have to lose 20 lp even though the game was 4v5 from realy early? my 2nd question is why are the punishments for those players not severe compared to the immediate and severe punishments from valve on Dota 2 and other games a clear example is that in dota 2 if you abandon 3 games in a month you get a week ban from the competitive queue in league of legends you have to wait 10 or 20 minutes on a prequeue and my 3rd question is why are players who lag and keep disconecting and recconecting all game not punished at all. {{champion:32}} all in all it feels like riot has put more severe punishments on people who dodge queues than people who afk whole games. only now 5 years later has riot made a single step towards this subject with the remake which is not fully functional
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