If Only League Of Legends Had A Voice Chat!

I have been playing league since s3 and i recently started playing CS:GO and wow how it is better to use voice, the only thing I dislike about it is that it does not have a mute button for voice chat(or maybe it does, just started playing rank 7), with the voice chat I could tell my team the enemies position, in league, i can only use **"Pings"** and most of the time people do not even notice that you pinged, even if you ping 4-5 times. If league had a voice chat, that would be super awesome and why you might ask? _**Example:**_ {{champion:27}} : I'm going to split push top, take drake and don't forget to deny vision. {{champion:143}} : Ok, someone push bot since singed placed {{item:3512}} at mid. {{champion:157}} : I'm going to push bot. With the voice chat, league players will start developing skill, they will be more focused and if someone is screaming in to the microphone, we can just mute them the same way as we do in regular chat. And also if i accidentally used MIA ping and after that i see them going back to base in the last second, i can't do anything about it, i can type in chat:"nevermind, she/he went back to base" and this is a problem of some people not looking at the chat, they will probably see it 20 seconds later and by that time it will be too late. _**Another Example Of Voice Chat:**_ {{champion:105}} : Katarina is missing, oh nevermind she just went back to base. Now that just informed the whole team, they know she will be back in 20 sec, and if she is not, fizz can just tell them to watch out for her because she did not come back to lane. _**Another Example Of Voice Chat:**_ {{champion:268}} : Twisted Fate is level 6, watch out for ganks! {{champion:35}} : Lee is coming top, get back and wait for me! {{champion:12}} : Teemo is low Health in that brush! Throw Q there! (uses normal ping on a brush) With the voice chat, league will be a lot more fun! With the voice chat, people will make more friends! With the voice chat, ranked games will be a lot more competitive! With the voice chat, the community will improve their behavior because they will be more focused on the game! The only problem people say about the voice chat in league is:"they will scream in to the microphone! we will have squeakers!" By squeakers i mean kids who are crying in to the microphone and flaming. We should not fear these type of people, we can just mute them and report them after. ** I hope Riot Games will add voice chat to League Of Legends one day, that would mean so much for the game and i think we will get more players in league with voice chat added, thank you for reading this post and have a wonderful day and if you are ill(sick) I hope you will get better soon!** _**And Thank You For Reading All Of This!**_ Kind Regards Milosmml7777 Summoner "They may take our lives, but they'll never take our freedom!"
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