Can we please do something against Rylais

I mean, atm its like: "Am i AP?", if yes, buy {{item:3116}} And why do all AP champs get Rylais, because its just to good. It really has everything you would need: 100 AP, a big chunk of Power, useful for burst- and DoT Mages. A hard slow, useful for every Mage, since all Abilities slow now, making it easier to get more spells or AAs off or to provide Utility. Quiet big chunk of Health, making you harder to kill. provides Substain without giving up building Damage. Its ratter cheap, considering all its effects. Im not saying that {{item:3116}} should get nerfed into Trash, just give it a clear Direction, either Utility, Substain or AP. Personally id prefer it to lose some of its AP, so Champs like {{champion:27}} and {{champion:82}} can still effectivly build it around their Playstyle as Tanky Bruisers, that can get annoying when ignored, whilst Burst mages such as {{champion:13}} and {{champion:99}} must give up Damage for the Health and Utility.
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