AR URF is not as good as old URF

The thing about AR URF is that i doesnt give you an option , seriously i had to quitt lobby numerous times just not to play as yasuo or graves . Back in the day when people were waiting a whole year for that URF with bans , champs that they actualy wanted to play ... That gave joy and real chill and escape from constant rankeds and normals. Now me and many of my friends and people that i have spoken with , all said the same , todays URF is completly something else than what we loved . I mean whats sad is that many of players today dont even remember those times cuz they didnt play back then and now they think that urf twice a year with structure like that doesnt need improvements cuz they havent witnesed true URF . TL;DR Imo thats not the same game mode we all knew and loved and that realy makes me sad and kind of angry and id loved to bring back our old game mode to life at least once a year . If anyone sees this topic i welcome you for a discusion about todays URF compared to what it used to be. Cheers , DeZiee

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