140 CHAMPIONS in League , BUT ...

You are ONLY allowed to play 15-20 champs because everyone calls them **meta** Now try picking something different or not usual, and the flame begins from champion select, report calling, rage and insults, make a mistake in the game and all the blame is on YOU (the mistake could've happened with any other champion) , and with these last jungle changes, the number of **meta** jungle is even less. so you either play these champions all time or you're going to be the main reason your team is losing. ------------------------------------------- It's not only with champions, even with items and runes you pick, pinging them in chat LIKE taking warrior enchant on my champion is the reason the adc died in a 1v2 bot lane while his support pinged him that he is roaming. ------------------------------------------------- FUN FACT: I played AD Lulu jungle, my team decided not to help with the first camp, I still ganked bot lane level 2 after red, they didn't even notice I was there, I managed to survive and back from a 1v2, I go to my other side of the jungle and it's clean. What happened 10 mins later? "report Lulu troll pick" except that I managed to get some farm finished 2 items and I went on a killing spree from 0/3/0 to 14/3/8 while destroying the nexus (and this is only one example of many, I played almost every champion in the jungle and every game same "chat" or should I say same "shit") ------------------------------------------------------------ I love league of legends, but I hate playing with most of this community. ------------------------------------------------ EDIT: (since my post got some attention) Saying Lulu AD jungle, doesn't mean it's worse than some forgotten jungler, I always type "free elo" in champion select when enemy pick Amumu jungle I also would like to share the fact that there are a few champions always viable in their own position, I don't have to name them, you can just check the skin numbers, and twitch.tv OTPs When was the last time you had a Kalista in your game? how about Ivern, Elise, Reksai? And Nidalee that you should only play her if you are smurfing. Kindred is gone with the last patch. Did anyone hear about Mordekaiser BUG Book? over 180 bugs and the champion didn't get a rework. Meanwhile, we are getting a new support (assassin) incoming.
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