Zyra plants/Kayle

So not too long ago they changed zyras plant health and the damage dealt to them. The overall plant health is 8 and melee champion attacks deal 8 damage and ranged champion attacks deal 4 damage. Now i havent played much zyra since but yesterday i did and i was up against kayle. Now i know kayle is a melee champion, therefore she 1-hits the plants. But with her E (Righteous fury) on she turns into a ranged champion, proccing runaans hurricane and not proccing cleave from the hydra items for example. Appearently the game still registers kayles E-empowered autoattacks as melee auto-attacks. Meaning she can one shot plants at a pretty high range. Now is this intended or a mistake? It felt kind of unfair from lvl 1 on where she just killed all my plants, reducing my waveclear and poke. With kind regards, Sertatumsingi
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