What's up with pro players building Rapid Firecannon on every marksman?

**Warning:** long analytical post with lots of numbers incoming. If you're inpatient, scroll down to the tl;dr If you follow the LCS you'll have noticed that so far with the exception of Kalista every ADC has bought {{item:3094}} as his zeal item of choice. And don't get me wrong: it is a great item. It lets you poke a little and chip away at towers and those situations where you chase a low health target and get your energized attack up to finish him feel amazing. But as an ADC-main I feel there are some champs that synergize really well with another item so I was really puzzled why {{champion:51}} wouldn't build {{item:3085}} in the NA LCS this weekend. I know some people still see Runaans as the "deal no damage to up to three targets"-item, but let me make my case: For the same price it offers 10% more Attack speed than RFC does which is already a little increase in dps. With similar stats in MS and crit Chance, let's look at their respective passives: In terms of actual dps **RFC** offers very little: 50-200 magic damage when energized. If you are kiting and moving in between attacks this happens every ~7 attacks. This means you get 7-29 damage/attack breaking even with Runaans 15 on-hit damage at level 10. Then there is the additional range. As I said before, it's a nice thing in certain situations, but when it comes to teamfighting it's not too usefull. You get your energized attack off but then you have to get into normal AA-range anyways if you plan on dealing damage. And Cait already has a range of 650 so she can stay pretty safe. Her basic range almost equals a RFC-shot from most other carries. ** Now on to Runaans:** Since 6.1 you will be going with Fervor of Battle as your keystone on Cait. It normally takes 8 shots to fully ramp up, but not with this little beauty as you get up to 3 stacks per attack, granting you the full damage much quicker. And if that's not enough synergy for you, the bolts also apply it's on-hit damage. That means at level 11 you can dish out almost 140 extra damage per shot just from your mastery! Now it is unrealistic to always hit 3 targets in a teamfight but even with just 2 you stack up twice as fast and still deal more than a BF-sword's worth in additional dps. And again, this is just from a mastery. Add in the base damage of your bolts (25% of your AD which can crit -> 43,75% AD with IE+RH, +15 on hit damage) and you see your damage output skyrocket in comparison to RFC. In your typical teamfight you usually have to focus down a single target, so you might say "hey Venom, that's all nice theory but that extra damage on multiple enemies doesn't help you too much if you can't kill your target." And you would be right... if it wasn't for Caits passive: Headshot. After 6 auto attacks Cait gets an empowered AA which deals 125% extra damage if you got IE+a zeal item. Now of course Runaan's bolts count for that which means instead of every 7 attacks you can get your headshot on up to every 3rd one, more realisticly on every 4th attack, which means a dps increase of ~11% against your main target (getting even higher if you get a second zeal item). And as I've already shown, RFC doesn't even offer greater single target dps anyways (little more on hit damage but also less attack speed) even if you don't get to hit a second target. Additionally, Runaans offers vastly higher waveclear which is quite valuable. So am I missing something? I mean with all their coaches and analysts pro level teams surely have to know these numbers. Is it really worth to diminish your dps that much just to get the odd extra shot off from even safer range? Do they believe Runaans won't hit multiple targets? Then why is Kalista such a hot pick right now when it's her core build? Can someone enlighten me? **TL;DR** When playing {{champion:51}}, building {{item:3085}} - stacks and apllies Fervor of Battle keystone damage -counts towards headshots and thereby even increases your single target dps -pimps up your waveclear as Q+a few autos almost instantly kill all minions Why does everyone still go {{item:3094}} on her?
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